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Cesare Casella is an Italian chef, restaurateur, writer, consultant and educator. He is the owner and executive chef of Salumeria Rosi, a restaurant located in New York City’s Upper West Side. Chef Casella is an expert salami charcuterie and master of Italian cuisine.  He currently holds the position as the Dean of Italian Studies at the International Culinary Center in New York City, which is also home to The French Culinary Institute. Chef Casella is the founder of the Italian Cooking School by Cesare Casella that strives to teach about the true meaning of Italian culture and cooking.
He also owns and operates the Republic of Beans, which imports these Italian heirloom beans, bringing his favorite beans from Italy to America to share them with everyone to use in their own kitchen.

Tuscan Beans FAGIOLI del PAPA – $10.00 – 1 lb. package
These large purple and beige beans have a wonderful chestnut flavor and a dense, meaty texture. Fagioli del Papa originated in the mountains of Peru.

Italina Beans FAGIOLI LIGURI – $9.00 – 1 lb. package
These beans are found in inland areas of the Savona and Imperia provinces.  They are white and small; some varieties have a multi-colored, light hazelnut color.

Tuscan Beans FAGIOLI CORONA –  $6.00 – 1  lb. package
Large, hearty, cream-colored beans whose skin stay whole when cooked.  Often used as a substitute for meat, they have layers of flavor, are complemented wonderfully by the spicy qualities of Tuscan olive oil, and are great in tomato sauce.

Italian Beans FAGIOLI BORLOTTI ITALIA – $6.00 – 1 lb. package
These beans are named for their cranberry color and are used largely for soup, particularly Northern Italy’s famous Pasta e Fagioli soup. They are best known for their creamy consistency.

Italian Beans FAGIOLI COCO di MAMMA – $10.00 – 1 lb. package
Fagioli Coco di Mamma are very luxurious beans. They are skinless with a nutty, slightly sweet and buttery flavor.  A great accompaniment to fish.

Italian Beans FAGIOLI CANNELLINI ITALIANI –  $6.50 – 1 lb. package
A beautiful creamy vanilla color with a delicious flavor and slightly mealy texture. Cannellini are great in Pasta e Fagioli soup or in a simple bean salad.

 Italian Beans FAGIOLI BORLOTTI GIGANTI – $9.00  – 1 lb. package
These beans have a tender skin and delicate flavor that make them much sought after by gourmets. Round beans of the cranberry family, our Scritti beans are round and off-white, with red striations.  They are both earthy and meaty with notes of light chestnut.

Italian Beans FAGIOLI SORANA –  $15.00 – 1 lb. package
Grown for centuries in a small valley along the stream of Pescia in the provence of Pistoia, these beans have a rich, but delicate taste and a tender skin.

Italian Beans FAGIOLI STREGONI – $7.00 – 1 lb. package
Small, kidney-shaped beans of the Borlotti family.  They are used mainly in soups, where they maintain their beautiful color throughout cooking.  Have a meaty, slightly earthy flavor.

Tuscan Beans FAGIOLI TOSCANELLI – $6.00 – 1 lb. package
These beans have an irregular, elongated shape, a tender skin, and a white, milky color.  While their intense, creamy, sweet flavor compliments fish, meat, and game, they are equally at home as a simply dressed side dish.  A perennial favorite with cooks.

Italian Beans CICERCHIE TOSCANE – $6.00  – 1 lb. package
Members of the chickpea family dating back to ancient Rome. Chef Casella transported these Umbrian beans to Tuscany where a richer climate allows the beans to flourish. Tiny and irregular in shape and ranging in color from gray to brown, they look like miniature fava beans. They have a delicate flavor and tender skin.

Italian Beans CECI GIGANTI – $6.00 – 1 lb. package
Chickpeas were a dietary staple of the Roman Empire, particularly in Sicily, where they are known as Ceci Siciliani.

Italian Beans CECI TOSCANI – $5.00 – 1 lb. package
Nutty Tuscan chickpeas are a cousin of the peas that have been a staple in Italy since the days of the Roman Empire.  They are one of the most common legumes in the Mediterranean area.

Farro FARO IGP – $7.00 – 1 lb. package
The first known cereal in history, it was a favorite of the ancient Etruscans, Egyptians and Romans.  Farro has a high vitamin, mineral and fiber content and is the main ingredient in soups and rustic minestrone.  Also makes a great addition to salads.

Italian Rice RISO CARNAROLI BASSO PAVESE – $6.50 – 1 lb. package
The grains remain distinct and creamy even as they absorb large amounts of liquid.  Once cooked, the core of each grain emerges al dente, while the outside is left delectable supple and soft.  Superior in size and plumpness than Arborio, it has a shorter window of perfect doneness, but is finer in flavor.  Used primarily in risotto.

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