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Tuscany, Italy

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FOOD & WINE TOUR $899  per person
Departures: Apr. 05, June 28, Sept. 13, Sept. 27

Day 4 — Wednesday
Take a full day to visit Vannullo Farm in Paestum, Marisa Cuomo’s vineyard in Amalfi and a Limoncello producer.
Vannullo Farm in Paestum, is where one of the best mozzarella in the world is produced.  We will see the buffalo and the production.  Then taste mozzarella and many different products originating from buffalo milk.  Lunch will be served in the farm house.
Marisa Cuomo is a fantastic wine producer, whose vineyards are located on the cliffs of Amalfi Coast.  The visit combines the discovery of an astonishing landscape with the quality of its wines.
At the end, continue to Amalfi to learn how  a lemon tree is cultivated and how “limoncello” liquor is produced.

Day 8 — Sunday
Today we will discover one of the most beautiful countrysides in Italy, the Province of Viterbo, famous not only for its gardens and lakes but also for the fantastic wine, cheese, honey and oil.
Visit three different vineyards and farmhouses: Tre Botti, Mottura and D’Amico. We will taste incredible red and white prizewinning wines, “pecorino cheese”, biological oil and raw honey.  Lunch will be served in one of the farms where we will learn the way they cultivate and produce this savory food.

Day 11 — Wednesday
Tuscany is land of great wines and fantastic food.  Today we will drive south to Chianti to discover the Antinori vineyard in San Casciano and learn how they cultivate the grapes and produce wine. Then, we will continue our drive through Chianti stopping at a farmhouse for a typical lunch.  After lunch, continue on to Badia di Coltibuono to visit the vineyard and taste one of the best wines in the world. Return late afternoon in Florence.

Tour Includes: transportation, guide, lunch and tastings.


GARDEN LOVERS TOUR  — $599  per person
Departures: May 10, May 31

Day 4 — Wednesday
A full day guided visit of Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, “terrazzamenti” in Amalfi and Minerva Gardens in Salerno.
Villa Cimbrone is an extraordinary creation of an eccentric English Lord. A mix of different styles and epochs, of ethnic and cultural elements. The garden path culminates in the Belvedere dell’Infinto, a large sunny terrace overlooking the sea, which captures the view that the famous novelist Gore Vidal called “the most beautiful in the world”.
The “terrazzamenti” are not exactly a garden, but it’s a way to cultivate lemon trees on the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. The ability to create such extraordinary work, the magnificent colors, and the breathtaking landscape deserve a visit.  Lunch will be served in a lemon garden overlooking the sea.
The Giardino della Minerva is the first botanical garden in Europe. It is located in the heart of the historical center of Salerno, enclosed between the torrent Fusandola and the ancient city walls, at the foot of the Bonadies hill. The terraced garden is the work of Matteo Silvatico, famous doctor of the Scuola Medica Salernitana and fine connoisseur of healing plants. The steps connect the various terracing, from which it is possible to admire the harbor and the historical center, allowing a spectacular view of the entire city of Salerno.

Day 8 — Sunday
Full day guided visit of Villa Farnese di Caprarola and Vignanello Castle.
Both gardens are located in the Viterbo area, the location with highest concentration of Historical Gardens in the world.
At Villa Farnese, the architect Vignola created the kind of synthesis between nature and architectonic artifice typical of 16th and early 17th century villas in Lazio, using springs in the hills to feed the fountains and drawing on his experience in France for the gardens’ decorative elements.
The history of Vignanello dates back to 853, when the Benedectine monks erected a citadel on the site. Destroyed at a later date, the citadel was rebuilt as a military stronghold. Today the Castle is the residence of the ancient Ruspoli family .  Here we will visit the marvellous garden and the castle.

Day 11 — Wednesday
Today take a full day guided visit of Villa Gamberia in Settignano and Giardino Torrigiani in Florence.
Villa Gamberia is a relatively small property which combines the architectural and landscaping wisdom and know-how of three centuries, from the seventeenth to the twentieth, and offers a truly wonderful view.  The view spreading out from the hill over the built-up area of Settignano “of which it exploits the ancient terracing” spacing onto the city of Florence and onto the valley of the river Arno.
The Torrigiani garden, with nearly seventeen acres hidden in the heart of Florence, is the largest privately owned garden in Europe situated within city boundaries. Renowned in the sixteenth century as a botanical garden it had a revival in the early nineteenth century when the Marquis Pietro Torrigiani inherited the property and started acquiring the surrounding land. The tour will be conducted by the owner.


Tour Includes: transportation, guide, lunch and entrance fees.



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